Introducing Platon Consulting Services

Samon Co., Ltd. has established Platon Consulting Services as a new vehicle for foreign companies to enter and strive in the Japanese market. We offer customized services to assist new-comers to this market as well as established companies faced with the challenge of expansion or diversification.

In our website, you will find a summary of our activity, a blog with clues on the latest market developments and a contact form to clarify the ways in which Platon Consulting Services can contribute to the development of your business in Japan.

Platon Consulting Services is in the very heart of Tokyo (5 minutes from Tokyo Tower), occupying modern, functional and stylish facilities where a team of experienced and well-honed international business specialists will steer you forward in your new project.

Although the expertise areas covered by our team are briefly described in the website, we would enjoy listening to your requirements to provide any further clarification.

We take the opportunity of this first article in our blog to wish you wholeheartedly a rewarding business relationship with Japan and look forward to meeting you soon!

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